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What To Wear

Since one of the most frequently asked questions is "What should we wear?!" I've decided to provide some suggestions based on my style of photography and what edits best with the natural light that I just LOVE so much. 


First off, I would suggest to avoid wearing ALL black and/or navy blue if you can! I know we tend to gravitate towards black but in my opnion it can create a hardness in photographs. My style tends to be very soft and light, so having a dark color like black or navy doesn't always edit the best in post processing. NOW, please don't get me wrong! Some navy blue, and some black is OKAY! If we're doing a family session at the beach, and your color palate of choice is white, navy, and gray - go for it! I just recommend avoiding too much of a dark color. Dark blue jeans with a white top and a scarf with navy blue, white and gray in it? Beautiful. White jeans with a black top and teal and white scarf? Perfect. You get where I'm going with this? If you just love those dark colors, try to accent them with some color pops, or lighter, more neutral shades.


Personally, I love more neutral tones... Tan, white, light gray, cream, with pops of color. I love a white or cream dress or top with a fun colored necklace or scarf! Or put the guys in a fun colored button down to match your color pop in your jewlery! I highly recommend to COORDINATE rather than match perfectly. It's not all about having the same exact outfit on, rather pull one or two colors from mom's outfit and coordinate to that, for example.


My last piece of advice is to think about your location when planning your outfits. If you choose a more woodsy spot, consider keeping with the earthy tones (but don't forget to splash some color! I just LOVE color!) If you decide on a beachy location, think about a more nautical color palate. Most importantly, BE YOURSELF. I want you to be comfortable in what you're wearing, so please don't stress too much over what you'll be wearing. Afterall, we will mostly be focusing on the all the LOVE in each photo anyways! XO


Here are a few family photoshoot outfit ideas:

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