Behind The Lens

Hey guys! Thanks for visiting my website! I think it's so important to develop a great relationship with your photographer because afterall, I'll be capturing some of the most important moments in your life! Here's a few fun things you may want to know about me...

First, I LOVE what I do. I like to think that you'll see it when we work together - My passion for shooting your most precious moments is undeniable. 

Second, I LOVE love. I mean I really, really love it. I'm one of those hopeless romantics - You'll hear me ooohing and ahhhing at our photos as I take them. I'll help you be silly, and get comfortable - because those are the best shots. Ultimately, I will capture your true love, whether it be with your children, new husband or wife, your new baby, or your future life partner. I'll capture it, I'll freeze your love forever.

Third, I have a second passion - teaching. I am a kindergarten teacher at Village Elementary School in York, ME. I have my degree in teaching and am one of those lucky few who love BOTH of my jobs.

A few not so important facts about me? I don't drink coffee, but love hot tea. I love to buy new clothes, but don't really like to actually GO shopping (thank you internet.) I love blasting country music and driving with my windows down. I'm a candy addict, and love to cook. I have a super supportive and amazing family, including my 7 nieces and nephews. I also have a Goddaughter named Zoe - Her mom is one of my very best friends and is also a photographer based out of Ellsworth, Maine. I have an incredible husband, Chris, and he has shown me a whole new meaning of love - when we're not working (ha!) we love to spend time with family and friends, go to my family's camp and try out new restaurants together!


I am so excited to meet you, and capture your life's most precious moments.


Photo Credit: Zelli | Zi Photography

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