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Children & Families


Yay! I'm SO excited you're considering inviting me to capture your beautiful family! Family sessions are one of my favorite sessions to do because of so many reasons. I love working with kids (and do so in my other job!) so carrying over my passion for little ones makes perfect sense. I will work hard to get the best smiles out everyone in your family - even your furry little pup if you have one!


I typically start my family sessions by capturing a couple smiley shots - Because even as much as well ALL love the candid, 'in the moment' photographs, it is always nice to have one or two cheesin' pictures to send to relatives. After we nail a couple of those shots, the real fun begins. I will help your family get comfortable and real - I'm there to capture the LOVE you all have for one another. We will capture a whole lotta lovin, laughter, snuggles and happiness in our time together. I can't wait to start planning our family session together - After all, your babies won't be babies forever! XO

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