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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best way to get ahold of you?

E-mail! Definitely. I try to check my e-mails at least once a day - So please e-mail me with any inquiries and/or questions about setting up a session.


Where do we begin?

Shoot me an e-mail with your name and what type of session you're looking to schedule. Also, please include the month you're interested in booking as well as any scheduling restrictions you may have. I will respond with available dates and we go from there! *Please note, my weekend availability is very limited, especially in peak season - If you are limited to weekend openings only, please contact me as soon as possible. I will let you know immediately if I have weekend availability.


What's included in your session pricing?

All of my session pricing includes my shooting time, as well as all the edited images and copyrights which I will share with you through a password protected online gallery.


Why are your outdoor sessions scheduled so late?

You will only notice my late start times in the late Spring, all Summer, and early Fall. And my entire reasoning is explained in only three words... THE GOLDEN HOUR.


If you've never heard of this magical time, I reccommend googling it. I promise, once you see why I schedule my sessions 1-2 hours before sunset, you will understand. You know that beautiful, soft, dreamy, golden glow I'm able to get in a lot of photographs? That's due to the sun being in the most ideal spot possible for our session. As a photographer, my dream light comes from low sunlight - This also allows for me to play with 'sun flare' and lighting.


Mid-day sunlight can be a lot more tricky to work with. It can create harsh shadows and glare, causing a lot more restriction on utilizing our location to the max. I certainly can schedule a session in the morning, or early afternoon during these seasons, but just keep in mind, there will most likely be shadows, and the lighting in those photographs will not have that same glow we all love so much.


I know it seems daunting to scheduling a session at 6:30pm or 7:00pm with little ones. And trust me, if we were having a session every night for a week straight at that time with your kiddos, I would be scared too! But just try to remember, this is only ONE night. I do ask my clients to feed the littles before our session time, and consider throwing your typical routine off a bit just to get that perfect light. I promise, one night of a delayed bed time isn't going to hurt anyone! You may have to pay for it the next morning, but the photos will be SO worth it - I guarantee it! 


Do you have any location suggestions?

My studio is based out of York, Maine, so all in studio sessions are done at 764 US Route One | Suite 8, York, Maine. *I do not offer in-home newborn sessions at this time. If you would like to schedule a newborn session, please plan for the session to take place at my studio in York.


My family sessions are shot on location, within 20 minutes of York. I am always open to family sessions at your home, or a location that holds a special place in your heart. Some of my personal favorite locations include:

Harbor Beach | York, ME

Wiggly Bridge | York, ME

Mount Agamenticus | York, ME

Hamilton House | South Berwick, ME

Footbridge Beach | Ogunquit, ME

Laudholm Farms | Wells, ME

Prescott Park | Portsmouth, NH

Wagon Hill | Durham, NH


What do you mean by 'copyrights'?

All of my photography packages include a copyright release with your edited images, which will be shared through an online password protected gallery link. You will receive a copyright release form in your gallery that allows you to print wherever you wish. Some printing companies will ask you to show your release when you pick up your photographs. 


Where should I print my photos?

This is SO important! The best part about your owning your copyrights to your photos is you can print as many prints as you'd like, wherever you'd like to print them. As your photographer, I'm asking you to INVEST in your prints!!! Although it is convenient, and cheap to print at an instant print kiosk - it WILL NOT do your photos justice! Many low cost printing companies alter the photographs before printing - They tweak color balance, clarity, and brightness, among other things. If you decide not to print through me, please consider investing and printing through a company that is intended for printing. Your photo should look almost exactly like it does on your computer!


In my professional opinion, the best online company available to clients is, Their print quality is beautiful, prices are reasonable and shipping is fast.


Please visit for quality prints of your favorite photographs!


What about printing canvases?

I do offer canvas prints, and strongly encourage you to consider purchasing them through me! My prices are comparable to other printing companies and the quality is undeniable. I can also offer a canvas layout design if you're looking to create an art display of photos in your home. All canvases are closed back, with hanging fixtures attached - the colors and clarity make the canvases look hand painted. Contact me if you'd like to place a canvas order!






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